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 Elite Dental Staffers is owned and operated by Shelley Taylor. With decades of dental experience, Shelley can knowledgeably respond to all inquiries in a timely manner. She gives every request the personal attention it deserves...recognizing that time is valuable to her clients.




The number one complaint from offices who contact Elite Dental Staffers, is the time required to hire quality staff. 

They sort through piles of resumes from candidates that saturate the online employment ads looking for a job.

These candidates often have no concern whether their skills and experience match the qualities described and required by the dental office. The time and energy used in the selection process to screen these resumes and interview the candidate is significant and costly.

I have some of the best candidates in the county. These candidates don't run all over town looking for a job with their resume in hand; or drop their resume in the online employment "meat grinders".

My auxiliaries prefer to interview with an office I have identified as one that shares their high expectations and standards. They seek a successful dental practice with a positive, cohesive, and supportive environment.

If you meet these standards let me arrange an interview with a candidate that will be an asset to your practice. Call me today!




Are you tired of working interviews that promised one thing and led to another. Take a break and call Elite Dental Staffers.

I have offices looking for quality staff with the skills and desire to perform their job well. These offices want an employee that patients will trust and enjoy during their visit to the office.

I strive to match your skill level and personality to the practices within your local area, so you'll love going to work each day.

Does your office or doctor take you for granted? Do you work the number of hours you were promised when you were hired? Is your position providing a feeling of pride and satisfaction by performing necessary and superior dental treatment? If you said NO...then maybe it's time for a change.

Let me reduce the anxiety and fear of your next interview. I strive to place candidates with the type of doctors that together, create a symbiotic type relationship satisfactory to both parties.   

All of the information you provide me is safe and confidential. Let me find you a better working environment. Call me today! 

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